Ristna Lighthouse

The Ristna Lighthouse is located on the Ristna northern cape, which is relatively close to the Kõpu Lighthouse, which is built on a rise in the middle of bogs and is therefore often concealed by fog. This was also the reason that the Ristna Lighthouse was built. It was ordered from France in 1873 and started working in 1874. A 7-pood copper bell was also installed in the lighthouse.

Adult: 2
Child, student, pensioner: 1
Complex Ticket (all 3 visiting the lighthouse):

adults € 5, children 2

Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): € 5

Ristna nina, Kalana küla, Kõrgessaare vald, Hiiu maakond
Telefon: +372 5243824